Blue Sky Retreat
Welcomes You to Come and Stay

We are passionate about where we live
and love sharing our property with those who come to stay.
Feeding the animals is a highlight to our guests of all ages.

Animal Feeding

At Blue Sky Retreat Cottage we have our animals that are always ready to greet guests.

Blue Sky Retreat

Blue Sky Retreat Cottage is the original farm house on the property.
Blue Sky Retreat Cottage


We have tried to make Blue Sky Retreat Cottage reasonably priced for families and guests.

Blue Sky Retreat Cottage Accommodation

My husband Ron and I decided to purchase a country property for our family weekend retreats more than 20 years ago. We wanted a spot that was away from the stresses of everyday life where we could just enjoy the treed environment with our children. After searching for a quite a while we found a 100 acres treed property on a high spot of the Darling Scarp that was solar powdered, water tanks and a great view. Needless to say this is now called Blue Sky Retreat. Our weekend property has turned into our permanent home, with a new house, a vine yard, olives, 30 fruit trees, vegetable garden and our family of alpacas, goat, sheep, chickens, turkeys and TJ the dog, our continual companion. The original house on the property has been renovated as short term stay accommodation; Blue Sky Cottage.

TJ and guests at Blue Sky Retreat Cottage

We are passionate about where we live, love sharing our property with our guests and greatly enjoy sharing feeding the animals with guests of all ages. Although, I must admit it is a great delight seeing the children interact with our animals. We are environmentally conscious and are developing a frog pond area and nature walk on the property which we would also like to share with you. We are also keen gardeners, well I am, and Ron helps me continually. We would love you to join us at Blue Sky Retreat, visit our FarmStay, feed the animals, go for walks, sit in the garden pergola and look at the view and visit our local towns. We hope to see you at Blue Sky Retreat in the near future.

Cottage with purple flowers at Blue Sky Retreat Cottage


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