Eight Reasons to Visit a Farm Stay

Eight Reasons to Visit a Farm Stay

  1. What is a Farm Stay

    Farm Stays represents an opportunity to experience country farming lifestyle. It is an invitation by farming families to share farm experiences, enjoy country lifestyle, country walks and drives, learn about nature, and stay on the farm in guest accommodation.  The most popular farm stay activity for adults and children, is seeing, feeding, patting, and being with a variety of animals.It is such a joy to see children interacting with animals, especially if it is their first time with farm animals. It always brings a sparkle to the children’s eyes and a smile to everyone’s face; including mine!
TJ our friendly canine assistant ready to drive the tractor!

2. Eight Reasons to Visit a Farm Stay

  1. Farm Activities that adults and children can enjoy together or individually
  2. An opportunity for children and adults to learn about farming 
  3. Supervised feeding, patting and interaction with farm animals
  4. Learning about native species such as birds and frogs in their natural environment
  5. Country Walks exploring natural flora
  6. A complete alternative to suburban/city living
  7. An enjoyable learning experience for children and adults
  8. These are all options or you can choose to just relax in a stress free country setting.
Young guest feeding Alpaca.

3. Farm Animals

There are a variety of farm animals to interact with. For example, at our property we have alpacas, goats, sheep both black and white varieties, turkeys, chooks of a variety of colours and our faithful dog TJ. Some of the animals may eat food out of your hand, especially Houdini the goat, and children usually giggle as it tickles their hand. Adults also have a smile on their face. At BlueSky Retreat we always go with guests when they feed the animals to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. It also provides an amazing photo opportunity.

Alpacas and lambs. The Alpacas protect the lambs. They follow them around like doting mothers.

4. The Birds and Bees

All farm stays have some interaction with nature with wildlife roaming feely. Often seen are kangaroos and emus and their young. There are always a variety of flora and fauna to be seen on country strolls. Birds of all sizes and shapes, from eagles, owls to the small birds as honey eaters, blue wrens and willy wag tails with their young in spring.

Young Willy Wag Tails… A full house and the young are ready to fly…

All Farm Stays will offer something a little different so no matter where you go Farm Stays will offer a new experience, something a little different. Enjoy!