Pets at Blue Sky Retreat Cottage

Animal Feeding

Join us daily to hand feed our large range of animals
at Blue Sky Retreat

Animal Feeding

Blue Sky Retreat is a working farm and we have many opportunities for supervised animal feeding.

edyn feeding star
animals feeding
children feeding animals

Animal Feeding is an activity enjoyed by guests of all ages.

Animal feeding is available on request, just let us know what time you would like to feed the animals and either Ron or Christine will go with you to feed the animals.

Bottle Feeding Lambs
During Lambing season we often need to bottle feeding lambs. We can never be sure exactly when the lambs are going to be born but usually between June and August.

Houdini our goat who thinks she is an alpaca…She will not eat goat food anymore.
Don’t ask me how she can tell the difference!

The alpacas love food but they can be a little shy… just give them time!

The chickens and egg collecting…. Feeding the chickens with sun flower seeds is a great activity for children and adults especially as they get to keep the eggs and eat them for breakfast.

The turkeys of all sizes are also are of interest.. They usually free roam around the property.

Last but not least TJ our dog and companion… who also likes to drive the tractor.

Enjoy a stay at BlueSky Retreat Farm Stay.

Sorry we no longer allow you to
bring your own pets.

Chooks and Guests at Blue Sky Retreat Cottage
alpacas feeding
TJ the Tractor Driver
Our dear little neighbour feeding Monty
Our dear friends who visit us and just love the animals at Blue Sky Retreat Cottage

Traveling with all the family.

BlueSky Egg Collecting
BlueSky guests feeding lambs
blue sky guests and animals