Birds of the South West of WA

One of the great delights and advantages of living in the country is the natural fauna and in particular the bird life. The sight of little birds such as Blue Wrens, Willy Wag Tails, Red Robins, Honey Eaters, Finches even the Swallows that seem to like to nest anywhere that is inconvenient. Then there are also the medium to larger birds including the many and varied parrots, cockatoos both black and red tailed, hawks and the majestic Eagles that have BlueSky’s chooks running for cover. Our latest addition is the fantail cuckoo a rather noisy medium sized bird. You only see it occasionally but its distinct call, most probably for a mate, lets you know it is nearby.
Of all the birds we particularly love the charismatic small birds especially the willy wag tails, red robins and blue wrens.

One of our Garden Visitor.

Willy Wag Tails

Our favourite by far is the willy wag tails. Such interesting little birds that chatter away all day. They are often seen on the backs of the animals checking if there are any insects for them to eat or maybe just a free ride across the paddocks! They also follow anyone gardening as they may just see a worm or two or another tasty insect. They are very friendly but we don’t feed them as it is best to keep to their nature feeding habits. Recently we found a nest well camouflaged in the loquat tree at BlueSky Retreat Cottage. We have documented their journey from Mrs. Willy Wag Tail sitting on the nest, the eggs, the young hatchings, their growth and finally leaving the nest. I hope you enjoy the photos of the Willy Wag Tail Family journey.

Willy Way Tail Nest

Red Robins

Robin Red Breast one of the endearing small birds of the South West.

The Robin Red Breast are so vain they love to sit on the side mirrors of cars and look at themselves.
They also like my coffee tree that is just next to our front door. We used to only see the Red Robins at certain times of the year but now they can be seen most of the year.

Blue Wrens
There are many varieties of Blue Wrens. The males come in many shades of blue while the females are usually brown with blue tail feathers. They seem to skip around the property usually near small shrubs and they like the vegetable garden as well. A well-loved and popular small bird of the south west.

If you love birds and nature consider a trip to the south west of Western Australia.